My friend Kieran Parry

Posted by miles On January - 31 - 2009

At school I have a friend called Kieran he is one of my best friends. He is really good at football and is a good friend to have. Kieran collects Match Attax like I do but collected the old ones from last year. Kierans dad is in the army and came over from Germany to Ripon. He hasn’t been at Holy Trinity school for long, but he now has to go to Belgium in April, so he will be leaving Ripon again. I hope he will come back to Ripon again as he is a really nice friend and I will miss him a lot.

When he leaves Ripon I am going to try so hard to keep in touch with him and I really want my Mum and dad to get him a website set up like mine so that I can keep up with what he is doing. Kieran plays for Ripon Panthers and I think he has probably scored a lot of goals.

3 Responses to “My friend Kieran Parry”

  1. thea says:

    why am i not your friend

  2. Kieran says:

    Because i am better than u

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